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 Welcome to Novella

Novella is a financial PR agency run by a highly experienced team working alongside business leaders and their organisations as trusted partners to provide modern communication solutions.

With the media landscape rapidly changing and technology changing the way information is disseminated and absorbed, we believe this is an opportune time to provide a fresh perspective to companies looking to adapt to this new and constantly evolving environment.


Why the name Novella?

[Definition of Novella]


Our Strengths

Being a boutique advisory house means the senior team is involved in every project

Not accepting common practice as necessarily the right practice and instead looking to adopt new and creative ways to reach our target audiences

Our single focus on advising the companies listed on the London Stock Exchange means we are true specialists

Adopting a research led approach creating targeted messaging to engage audiences

·      Ensuring technology is a part of every communications solution we are behind

Like a good shop window which makes passing shoppers enter, Novella works with its client to make investors want to find out more